More about Dave Snider

I hail from Petaluma, CA. Send me an email.

Hello random visitor. My name is Dave Snider. I've been working with computers in some form or another since the early 90s when I hacked away on an old IBM PS1 and a pre-www Prodigy account. Since then I've mostly fiddled around on the Internet building websites for myself, CNET, or CBS. Lately I've been working on the Kibana team at Elastic helping rebuild their design / ui layer.

I spent my younger years in the Maryland suburbs near Washington, DC. In my twenties I moved west to San Francisco and now live just north in Petaluma, CA. My wife Nicole and I believe it's the perfect town to raise our litter of dogs and small humans. When I'm not working or hanging with the family I'm usually messing around in my woodshop or with the newest video game.

Some of my work

On all of the projects below I operated as a mix of Product Lead, Product Designer and Front-end Engineer. Mostly I specialize in tool UI and content design. That's a fancy way of saying I'm pretty good with designs that deal with lots of forms or text. Most of the sites I built over the years dealt with large communities that needed passive and active moderation systems to filter through thousands of submissions a day.

On projects that I founded, I also did all the usual business stuff around P&L sheets, payroll and all the various paperwork that works behind the scenes to keep things moving.

Occassionally I show up on camera or on a podcast as a vague expert in nerdy things.

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